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reason for the people

A crowdsourced evidence aggregator that answers science questions neutrally, comprehensively, transparently. In alpha.

The Unbiased Picture

A cure for the common cherry-picking and confirmation bias. The only agenda at Rationally is the truth, even if the truth is that existing evidence is inconclusive. No politics, no hyperbole.

A Transparent Methodology

Think of a science-oriented Quora + Snopes + Reddit: visitors submit their science questions, the community submits evidence from peer-reviewed studies. Evidence is up/down voted based on how well it supports the assertion.

A Community Dedicated to Reason

The Rationally tribe values objectivity/evidence over any partisanship and provides a valuable service to the general public: an easy-to-understand but transparent answer to science questions (vaccines, GMOs, climate change, etc).

Are you interested?

We're looking for advice, feedback and the initial intrepid group of contributors to get this off the ground. Contact us.

"When facts are what people want to be true, in spite of contrary evidence, witness the beginning of the end of an informed Democracy."